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Voting and Gun Rights

Getting your gun rights or voting rights restored in Washington State is not a simple process, but L.A. Law can help.

Whether you lost your gun rights due to a felony or a misdemeanor, or a mental health commitment, in...

Personal Injury

For many years we have helped thousands of people in Washington State realize the maximum in financial justice.

Common Types of Personal Injury Claims: Slipping, Falling, Tripping</...

Sexual Abuse

Love shouldn't hurt. L.A. Law is dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse.

Where Is Child Sexual Abuse Most Likely To Occur? Unfortunately, many of the places where we hope to...

Civil Cases

Get the best representation possible with L.A. Law

Litigation attorneys, also known as litigators or trial lawyers, represent plaintiffs and defendants...

Criminal Cases

Defend the innocent & uphold the law. Get help now with L.A. Law

Defence lawyers are often involved with cases from an early stage. They confer with clients to obtai...

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