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Getting your gun rights or voting rights restored in Washington State is not a simple process, but L...

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For many years we have helped thousands of people in Washington State realize the maximum in financi...

Sexual Abuse

Love shouldn't hurt. L.A. Law is dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse....

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Lawand Anderson

Attorney That Will Fight for Your Justice

Since becoming an attorney, I've actively pursued justice for those in need of legal counsel that has translatable expertise as both a prosecutor and now a Plaintiff's Attorney. As a Plaintiff's Attorney, I advocate for just outcomes for individuals who were victimized, e.g. survivors of sex abuse while in foster care, group homes, churches, etc. Additional areas of practice include personal injuries; restoration of voting and gun rights; law and representing clients who have been discriminated by the police or in the workplace.

Client Testimonials

Justice Served & Clients Satisfied

Helped me get my life back

LA Law helped me to get my background erased after 15 years. Now I can move forward and pursue different career options without having to limit myself do to my past. She was very efficient and professional completed this faster than I anticipated. I have recommended her to my friends as she is able defend a range of needs.

Ms Madden

Great Consultation

I consulted with Lawand Anderson in regards to legal questions I had concerning my HOA. Lawand was very helpful and extremely professional the advise she gave me was excellent and the conversation left me confident about who to contact and what my next steps should be.


amazing lawyer

Lawand Anderson is a amazing Lawyer. She caring, sweet and outstanding. my family and i are very blessed to have her as our lawyer. if you want the best out of your case please hire Lawand Anderson cause no other lawyer will work as hard as her of making sure you win or beat your case.


Calm in a storm

Lawand helped me during a time when I had no idea what I was up against. She provided a calming environment but was honest about the consequences of each choice I made. She utilized her network to keep me well informed about all of my options. Lawand made a costly experience, tolerable, and for that I am grateful.


She is always there

Lawand help me a lot in my case and she always kept in contact even after case was done, if I had any questions or concerns, she answers me anytime. You can trust her.


Great Lady

Lawand is a very good lawyer!!! She is easy to talk to and very caring. She is always on top of our case and keeping us informed. I feel she goes above and beyond to help her clients.


Does her job

She's doing an excellent job on my case, we haven't been ti court yet. But I know she has my back. She puts her all into her work.



I hired Lawand Anderson for my case, and I had to say I was very impressed! She was very professional yet, she was down to earth and I was comfortable with her. I won my case due to her hard work and determinaton. I strongly recommend Lawand Anderson to anyone who needs a Good Attorney...


Very professional service

I used La Law to contest a Dui charge and i couldn't be happier with the results. Lawand Anderson goes above and beyond to accommodate her clients. I was very frieghtened by legal process but She simplified everything. She has also provided legal advice even after my case. I usually dont trust attorney's so i was pleasantly suprised. Highly recommend.


Happy client

My lawyer is the best. She shows compassion to her clients and is very transparent about the process. If something is hard to understand, she takes time to explain.